Yg Mau Kenal Aq, Masuk Deh


China is one of the world's oldest civilizations, therefore, the culture is extremely complex and ancient. China is a place of tradition, even in today's modern world. The Chinese language is the oldest written language in the world. The standard version of spoken Chinese is based on standard Mandarin with a Beijing dialect; Mandarin is also the official language of the People's Republic of China.Performing arts are also an important part of Chinese culture. The Chinese people have a wealth of cultural history to draw from. China is a land of destiny, tradition, and enormous cultural significanceA Long History with Good Recording of History Chinese culture has a recorded history of 5000 years. Rich Contents Few people have realized that the traditional Chinese culture is actually not one culture but a conglomeration of many cultures of different tribes and different periods. For example, Buddhism was not a native religion of China. It spread into China from India through West Asia. Buddhism later became one of the major religions of China. Semi-divine Culture at the Early Stage At the early stage of Chinese history, Chinese culture was a semi-divine culture, in which divine beings were living together with humans and teaching culture to humans directly. So Chinese culture had a continuous development from the Pre-Big-Flood period. Now A Buried Culture The current governing Communist Party took power in China in 1949. The real traditional Chinese Culture is not there in China's mainstream society. We can only try to find the real Chinese culture in ancient books. Located in the Southern province of China, Hainan is a beautiful exotic island with a rich culture for beach lovers to enjoy. It is the largest ocean province and smallest land province in China. If you want to partake in this tropical Chinese beach tour, you can consult the services of a Chinese travel & tour operator in China to assist you with your vacation plans. Golfing is another travel and leisure sport which is becoming very popular in China. Discover more about Chinese culture and traditional cooking methods as you savor the exotic wonders of China. There are a number of activities to do during your China tour experience. Visit Passport to China’s suggested things to do on a China holiday.